Nutritional therapy with probiotic Laktera, containing strain Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 from water origin in COVID 19 patients

Unique Bulgarian probiotic strain Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 from water origin is used in treatment of COVID 19 patients. For the first time Laktera probiotic is used in patient of the University hospital, Pleven. The patient in questioned is a 56 year old man, treated for 30 days with pneumonia, resulting from COVID-19. Standard treatment was applied with quadruple antibiotic combination, tonics and corticosteroids. The patient was discharged from the hospital with improvement, but a few days later was admitted again in severe condition with rash, which affected the entire body and mucosa. The rash was bleeding when touched. The mouth mucosa was also severely affected and the person was unable to eat. A case with such clinical picture and type of rash is described for the first time in Bulgaria. There are scientific data from Italian and English physicians, describing similar rashes in COVID 19 cases. Most probably this rash is due to affection of the small blood vessels of skin and mucosa. The patient begin afresh treatment with triple antibiotic combination, protein solutions and tonics, but with no improvement. On the third day of this treatment, to the overall treatment regimen is included probiotic Laktera, containing Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 from water origin in dosage of 15 grams, taken two times a day.  On the second day of probiotic Laktera administration, the rash began to disappear and the skin to recover. The patient began eating, due to mucosal restoration. On the tenth day, the patient was signed out from hospital with healthy skin and mucosa, without fever and with negative PCR test for COVID-19.

In the same University hospital in Pleven are admitted 31 patients with positive PCR test for COVID-19. For them the disease is manifested with breathing difficulties, high temperature and roentgen graphic data for bilateral pneumonia. From the first day after the hospital admission, all these patients, besides the main treatment are taking nutritional therapy with probiotic Laktera in dosage of 15 grams, taken two times a day. It is notable that unlike other patients with pneumonia, caused by COVID 19, the ones, who take Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 from water origin improve much faster. On the third-fourth day of the hospital treatment, they are in good general condition, with no fever or manifestations of breathing difficulties and very reduced caught. On the ninth-tenth day after the hospital admission, PCR for COVID-19 is negative and the pneumonia is overcome. There are no diseased COVID-19 patients, who are taking probiotic Laktera. The clinical observation and application of nutritional therapy with Laktera in COVID-19 patients continues even at the moment.

We also apply nutritional therapy with Laktera probiotic in patients with milder forms of COVID 19, treated at home. They appear to recover much faster than other COVID-19 patients also treated at home. The patients, who have taken Laktera overcome the usual symptoms of COVID 19 such as tiredness, lethargy and lack of concentration in a matter of three-four days. No one of the so far observed 5 ambulatory treated COVID 19 patients, who have taken Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 from water origin did not need hospital admission due to complications.

The action mechanism of Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 onto COVID-19 was discovered by prof. Palok Aich of National Institute of science Education and Research of Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. Two years ago he proved that this strain of water origin converts M2 to M1 macrophage cells. The M1 macrophages are our own immunity cells, produced by the human organism. The M1 macrophage have strong stimulating effect onto the cell immunity and kill tumor and virus cells. You can watch the full lecture of prof. Aich on the subject here. 

The Laktera probiotic is produced by the Bulgarian company Daflorn Ltd and is certified by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency as special purpose food. The strain Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 is the first strain in the world, isolated from pure spring water in Bulgaria and the probiotic is patented in the USA with Patent № US 9,131,708 B2 and Patent in the European Union №3172973.

prof. Dr. Nikola Alexandrov MD DSc.

Dr. Daniela Petrova MD PhD

Dr. Georgy Aleksandrov PhD

Maria Peneva PhD

Date: 20.07.2020