Kosher certificate


The probiotics from Laktera family now have Kosher Certificate !

The word „kosher” in Hebrew means appropriate, convenient. There are millions of people around the world who, for various reasons, follow the requirements of the dietary laws of kashrut. Some of them – because of religious beliefs, and others – to be sure that the products they consume are under constant control. Therefore, kashrut is often associated with the concept of a healthy diet. Kosher certificate means a high rating for safety and quality of food and food supplements worldwide. The Kosher Certificate of the  Laktera family probiotics is internationally recognized.



Certificate for FSSC 22 000

For another year our company “Daflorn” – producer of the first probiotic of water origin in the world – successfully passed the audit by the well-known American company NQA and received the highest level of international certification for food – FSSC 22 000!

This Certificate is a guarantee for reliability and responsibility to all our partners and clients. FSSC 22 000 Certification would not be possible without our new modern production facility, meeting all global requirements for food safety.

We will continue to create Laktera probiotics in our new home with care for your health and comfort!

Halal certificate


The probiotics from the Laktera family already have Halal Certificate issued by the Grand Mufti of the Muslim Denomination in Bulgaria!
Muslims are concerned whether the food they eat meets the Islamic religious tenets and traditions, humanitarian requirements, hygiene criteria and production methods. Halal certification is not just a marketing model for foods and food supplements, but proof that they are high quality and healthy. The Halal Certificate of Laktera family probiotics is valid all over the world.