Do you know that Laktera is so much more than a probiotic?

PrObiotics are live microorganisms, which administered in sufficient quantities have beneficial effects. The strain Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 from water origin in Laktera is experimentally and clinically tested for its effects of maintaining the human microbiome and gut health.

PrEbiotics are nutrients for the probiotics. Laktera contains milk proteins, broken down to amino acids, milk vitamins and milk sugars. These prebiotics have nutritional value for the probiotics. With their help, Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 can populate the intestines and administer its beneficial effects.

Metabiotics (or postbiotics) are metabolites, secreted by the probiotic bacteria, which provide physiological benefits to each of us. Lactobacillus bulgaricus secretes D-negative lactic acid and bacteriocines, which have antimicrobial activity against pathogen bacteria.

Psychobiotics are live bacteria, which can favour our mental health by influencing the host microbiota. Even the master Deunov saw the direct connection between gut health and human psyche, writing that all human diseases begin in the gut. The strain Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 has proven activity in restoration of the human microbiome and microbiota.


Laktera is patented formula of probiotic, metabiotic and psychobiotic!

Spoon of Laktera for your health!